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Crystal Oscillator

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit to create an electrical signal with a very precise frequency.

Crystal oscillator types: ATCXO, CDXO, DTCXO, EMXO,




 Manufacturers: Silicon, TXC, Vishay, KDS, Murata, JWT.


Power section cover DC/DC Converters, Power Inverters,

DC Power Connectors, Power Supplies, Batteries for industrial,

consumer, automotive and more purpose.


  Manufacturers: Traco Power, Mean Well, Mornsun, Vicor.

 LED Lighting

Comprehensive LED product apply for Home Appliance,

Automotive, Digital Display, Industrial and so on,

LED groups include: SMD LED, SMD display, Through-Hole LED, 

High brightness LED and more


  Manufacturers: Cree, Osram, Kingbrigh, Everlight.


 Connector &Cable

Electrical Connector& Cable are electro-mechanica

l device for joining electrical circuits as an interface

using a mechanical assembly.Generally,

Types include: Terminal Blocks, Pin & Socket Connectors, 

Cable Assemblies, Flat Cables.

  Manufacturers: Molex, TE Connectivity, JST.