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Our Team

Managing Director               Becky.Lin               (0)755  82579392

Marketing Executive            Tina.Song               (0)755  82807031

Customer  Service                Betty Peng             (0)755  82799900


Sinno Electronics co., Ltd was found in 2006, in the beginning, total 4 people. In the past 9 years, dozens of employees joined Sinno.

As a service-oriented company, our staff understand the value of having a knowledgeable person there to answer customer inquires quickly. We always emphasize on striving to provide customers with an experience beyond their expectations. Decade year on, our team have managed to drive Sinno Electronics to become the most credible owned distributor of electronic components in china. We are very proud of working with some of the knowledgeable people in Sinno.

Our salesman are outstanding person who work closely together with customers and provide valuable support to customer; Our Purchasing Department has excellent knowledge of the electronics sector market in china and its procurement activities also have a global reach. This translates to enormous market transparency and optimal purchasing prices. Fair pricing structures ensure that our customers share in the success of our purchasing. Our Q/A are practiced in verifying electronic component quality who ensure that we provide customers with most components with the least risk of unqualified products. Logistics deliver components ordered on-time  to support customer project development punctually.

Sinno is prosperous company, Our awe-inspiring team are committed to gratifying customers with our customer service excellence, order accuracy& sustainability and on-time delivery. On behalf of all of us at Sinno Electronics , all of us look forward to working with you for the next decade and beyond!